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Amplicomms PowerTel 49 Plus Big Button Desk Phone

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. please do call our expert customer service team for further advice.


VAT_Reclaim.gifThe Amplicomms PowerTel 49 is manufactured by Amplicomms, a company that focuses on communication solutions for those suffering from hearing impairment. We recognise this speciality that separates its products from those with added amplification from the mass market phone companies. Amplicomms understand hearing impairment and HearingDirect stocks a wide variety of its products.

The PowerTel 49 is a smart, modern design desk phone in a light anthracite colour. This phone represents fantastic value for money. It has an excellent bundle of features at a price of just £49.99 and is suitable for all levels of hearing loss thanks to a powerful built in amplifier.

It is an easy to use Big Button phone with excellent sound quality. Ideal to use with hearing aids due to an improved built in T Coil coupler. The Powertel 49 is packed with features including extra loud ringer volume, tone adjustment, display with Caller ID, hands free speakerphone and bright illumination to its large keypad. There is also an output to a vibrating pad and many other useful features and adjustments through the menu.

It is simple to set up, easy to personalise to your specification and intuitive to use thereafter. At HearingDirect we tested one through daily use in our office over a number of months and could not find a fault with it. If it is good enough for a busy office, it should serve you well at home for years to come. HearingDirect’s highly recommended desk phone.

Phones that are designed to help with hearing impairment can qualify for VAT relief for disabled users. If you are registered disabled you can recover the VAT you pay and make the PowerTel 49 even better value for money. Simply fill in the form (this can be found on the product page) and we will arrange the refund.

Fully compatible with BT phone lines. BT_Logo.jpg

Hearing aid compatible for those hearing aid wearers using their ‘T’ setting.TCoil.jpg

  • Premium hearing aid compatibility (improved reception in the receiver)
  • Receiver tone control
  • Receiver volume control
  • Amplification of the receiver volume to +40 dB
  • Ringing tone volume adjustable to + 90 dB
  • Hands-free function
  • Easy to use thanks to large buttons
  • Optical indication of incoming calls (LED)
  • Illuminated dialling buttons
  • Illuminated display with the current time
  • Menu in 8 languages: German, English, French, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish
  • Indication of the call duration
  • 2 programmable emergency number / direct dial buttons
  • 10 speed dial buttons
  • Socket for a PTV 100 vibration pad (3.5 mm jack)
  • Alphanumeric phonebook / 32 entries
  • Wall mounting possible
  • Redialling
  • Tone dialling
  • Can be used as an extension unit
  • Can continue to be used during a power failure
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 175 x 204 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 585 g

  • 1x Telephone base unit
  • 1x Telephone handset
  • 1x Handset coiled cord
  • 1x Telephone line cord
  • 1x Power supply unit
  • 4x Batteries 2AA 1.5 V
  • 1x Wall mounting bracket
  • 1x User Manual

PowerTel 49 User Guide
6th May, 2011 344KB
Vat Relief Declaration
10th Jun, 2011 45KB


Bought for my wife who had problems usin...

Review by peter joiner (Posted on 17/01/2016)
Bought for my wife who had problems using the phone with newly acquired hearing aids, she finds this product very useful and is able to take and make calls now without any effort or discomfort.
Star Rating

This product has improved my nan's life ...

Review by Fran Reed (Posted on 16/03/2015)
This product has improved my nan's life greatly. She was struggling to have a conversation with anybody on her old phone but now she can hear much better she is happier. I would recommend this company to anyone, the service was excellent and the product was definitely value for money. Thank you.
Star Rating

Excellent product that gets rid of those...

Review by Malcolm (Posted on 20/02/2015)
Excellent product that gets rid of those annoying external amplifiers that always seem to fall onto the floor when you move the phone. My mother has adjusted the sound levels for her own requirements and now finds phone calls less stressful
Star Rating

Found the service was excellent.The phon...

Review by Willison (Posted on 08/12/2014)
Found the service was excellent.The phone is great as I can now hear what the caller says. Easily mounted on the wall. As it works off the mains I don't have problems with batteries--what a blessing.
Star Rating

I recently purchased the Amplicom 49 plu...

Review by Ed (Posted on 23/10/2014)
I recently purchased the Amplicom 49 plus desk phone for my mother who wears hearing aids and she could not hear the handset so was using a speakerphone which was less than ideal. She is delighted with the new phone and can hear conversations properly now and the mic on the Amplicom is very clear when you are on the other end of the phone. The fine adjustment under the handset allowed for tuning of the 40db boost function to a comfortable level. Very fast delivery and hearing direct responded quickly to an email asking for suggestions for a decent phone for a hearing aid user which was good too.
Star Rating

I recently purchased a telephone from yo...

Review by L Sheridan (Posted on 18/09/2013)
I recently purchased a telephone from you manufactured by Audioline GMBH. I must tell you that this telephone is the best I have ever had for amplification. It is marvellous and has eliminated so much stress from my life. I run a small business from home which involves telephone contact with clients and in the past I have had difficulties hearing what they say, especially as some do not speak very clearly which has caused me much embarrassment. Now I have no problems at all. I am so grateful I found your website. Thank you.
Star Rating


Review by IAN M. (Posted on 03/03/2012)
Star Rating

I recently purchased a Powertel 49 plus ...

Review by Lynne Gibbons (Posted on 05/01/2012)
I recently purchased a Powertel 49 plus and must thank you for the speed in which I received it. The phone does exactly as described and allows me to hear the caller much better. However, one slight little flaw is that as I tend to speak there is a 'clicking' noise after every word on the line. Although it distracted me at first I have now got used to it. Many thanks
Star Rating

There was an initial issue concerning th...

Review by Colin Strong (Posted on 29/11/2011)
There was an initial issue concerning the handset in that one could hear but not talk to the person on the other end - the microphone did not work. We recognised that the very small connector strips in the phone-to-handset cord were slightly out of alignment. So we fixed this with a very small screwdriver. No problem. However this did take some time. Other customers may simply return the phone to you saying the handset does not work (which is true). Potential manufacturing/ handset testing issue here. Overall satisfaction 7.5/10 - shame about the initial problem. Sales person excellent with delivery after 3 days.
Star Rating

I would rate the service I have been giv...

Review by Elsie Light (Posted on 29/11/2011)
I would rate the service I have been given as 5. The communication and delivery was excellent and I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to other people. The phone is excellent and has helped me greatly. Thank you
Star Rating

Excellent service! Well done HearingDire...

Review by Nelly White (Posted on 08/08/2011)
Excellent service! Well done HearingDirect! I bought an Amplicom PowerTel 49 Plus last week and within 3 days it had arrived safely and wonderfully packed. I am very impressed by the way my order was processed and handled. The phone is also great: nice feel, looks good, clear sound. I particularly like the 40dB booster as I always find it so hard to hear people on the phone.
Star Rating

We purchased the Amplicom power tel 49 p...

Review by Mrs NL Crawford (Posted on 25/07/2011)
We purchased the Amplicom power tel 49 plus. The delivery was excellent taking only three days to get to us The phone is also excellent Very good value for the money
Star Rating

in the time i have had this amplicom 49 ...

Review by Michael Mullins (Posted on 19/07/2011)
in the time i have had this amplicom 49 telephone everything seems to be working smoothly particularly the 40 decibal volume enhancer to the receiver, if i had one little niggle the connecting cable to the phone socket could have been a little longer still worth a 5 stars
Star Rating

Received order promptly - good email ser...

Review by Mavis Dawson (Posted on 13/07/2011)
Received order promptly - good email service. Exellent variable amplification. ( A point of interest - sometimes its not US who have difficulty hearing callers but THEM! - the mumblers, the fast talkers and dare I say the foreigners!) I rate it 4/5 - not qualified to give it a full mark as I have not used all the facilities available yet, I use mobile text and email most of the time! Perhaps other customers may like a choice of colour?
Star Rating