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Amplicomms TV2000 Series Additional External Microphone



This microphone can be used with the Amplicomms TV2400, TV2410, TV2500 or TV2510 TV Listeners.

It is an external microphone which can provide an alternative way to obtain audio input to the receiver headphones or neckloop. The aim is to place the microphone near the speakers of the desired audio source. (The position of the microphone has a decisive influence on the volume – so a little experimenting is needed.)

The output will be in mono when using the microphone.


We recieved the original TV 150 with ext...

Review by A.W.Harrison (Posted on 17/01/2015)
We recieved the original TV 150 with extra earbuds just over a year ago. The audio quality was good (connected via the TV SCART socket) but one of the sockets in the main unit soon failed to make contact and the unit was replaced free. Recently, after much use, the very flimsey wire to one of the earbuds failed. Since then we have ordered 2 more sets of earbuds and notice the wires are much more substantial. Hopefully these should last longer.
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ordered as a replacement for original on...

Review by Gregory Park (Posted on 07/11/2014)
ordered as a replacement for original ones bought 12 months ago. Delighted with quality
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