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Siemens Hearing Aids

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  1. Siemens Orion 2
  2. Siemens Primax 7px
  3. Siemens Primax 3px
  4. Siemens Intuis 2
  5. Siemens Cellion Primax 5px
  6. Siemens Primax 5px
  7. Siemens Sirion 2
  8. Siemens iMini 301
  9. Siemens Life 301
  10. Siemens Nitro 300/301
  11. Siemens Aquaris 701
  12. Siemens Pure 501

1-12 of 27

Siemens Hearing Aids from £595

Siemens hearing aids are world class devices. They produce some of the best devices on the market, including some of the most up-to-date models available today. Their products range from basic entry level devices to premium state-of-the-art hearing aids, from behind-the-ear to invisible-in-canal devices. Whether you are looking for Siemens hearing aids or accessories, you've come to the right place.

For example, the top of the range Siemens / Signia Primax 7px type of hearing aid, with 48 processing channels and a comprehensive list of technological features, offers clarity of speech and a purer, more natural sound. It’s designed specifically for those with an active lifestyle, who often find themselves in noisy, difficult listening environments. The Primax 7px is suitable for those with mild to severe hearing loss and is available in a variety of styles. It has:

  • 48 Sound Processing Channels.

  • SpeechMaster and Spatial Speech Focus - enhances speech to make it clearer regardless of your listening environment. It does this by reducing background noise, focusing on where the speech is coming from and elevating it above every other noise.

  • E2e Wireless capability

  • HD Music - provides three music-enhancing features and a bandwidth of up to 12 kHz, which significantly increases sound quality when listening to music. The three settings enable the hearing aids to adapt to live music in a concert setting, listen to recorded music at home and assist musicians playing live on stage.

  • EchoShield

  • eWindscreen Binaural - reduces wind noise and synchronises speech between the hearing aids to gain the best possible sound.

  • Sound Soothing.

  • Feedback cancellation.

  • SoundBrilliance - enables you to stream sound from other Bluetooth devices using the easyTek remote control and streamer.

  • Spatial Configurator - enables you to increase or decrease the area in which you pick up sound. You can hear from in front or behind you as well as pick up other environmental sounds when necessary.

  • Tinnitus Masking Program.

  • TwinPhone - means the Primax 7px will register when you are on the phone and will automatically communicate with your other hearing aid to provide stereo sound.

  • CROS/BiCROS - Improves functionality for those with significant hearing loss on only one ear.

At the more affordable end of the range is the Siemens Intuis 2 with the following features:

  • Wind Noise Reduction

  • Directional Microphones - enables you to focus on the conversation in front of you by reducing the background noise from elsewhere.

  • Eradicates Feedback

  • Frequency Compression - lowers high frequency sounds that are often difficult to capture, making speech more audible.

  • Telecoil Settings

  • Water and Dust Resistant - with IP7X and IP6X rating, meaning that you can submerge the Intuis 2 in up to 1 metre of water for a maximum of 30 minutes and it will remain clean and functional.

Not all devices have all these features. For more detailed information please see the individual product details.  

We also have a wide range of Siemens hearing aid accessories for replacement parts or spares to upgrade your current device. We also stock plenty of hearing aid batteries in all the most popular sizes from a range of manufacturers including Siemens. Our blog post Siemens Hearing Aids Cleaning and Care Tips contains useful advice on extending the life of your Phonak hearing aid.

Further Hearing Aid Resources

Our blog is home to valuable resources including product reviews and informative guides to help ensure you find a device that is right for you. For example:

About Siemens

At Hearing Direct, we only stock quality brands that we trust. Siemens have been manufacturing hearing aids for over one hundred years. They are one of the most reputable hearing aid brands due to their plentiful production of hearing instruments, electronics, and thousands of other household devices. Siemens is considered one of the big six hearing aid manufacturers and claim to be “the world’s largest maker of hearing systems”.

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