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Phones For The Elderly

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  1. Doro Phone Magna 4000 Extra Loud Phone

    Doro Magna 4000 Extra Loud Phone

    Regular Price: £79.99

    Special Price £69.99

  2. Doro Phone Magna 2005 Extra Loud Cordless Phone

    Doro Magna 2005 Extra Loud Cordless Phone

    Regular Price: £74.99

    Special Price £69.99

  3. Doro Phone Magna 2000/2005 Extra Handset

    Doro Magna 2000/2005 Extra Handset

    Regular Price: £34.99

    Special Price £31.99

  4. Geemarc CL555 Big Button Amplified Phone With Answering Machine
  5. Geemarc Serenities

    Geemarc Serenities Big Button Emergency Response Telephone

    Regular Price: £99.99

    Special Price £89.99

  6. Geemarc Cl10 +

    Geemarc CL10+ Big Button Phone

    Regular Price: £17.99

    Special Price £14.99

  7. Geemarc oCean400 Big Button Amplified Telephone With SOS Feature
  8. Geemarc PhotoPhone 100 Photo ID Amplified Telephone
  9. Geemarc Amplified PhotoPhone 300
  10. Amplicomms PowerTel 49 Plus Big Button Desk Phone
  11. Amplicomms PowerTel 50 Plus Alarm and Amplified Desk Phone
  12. Amplicomms PowerTel 58 Plus Amplified Phone

1-12 of 139

Phones For The Elderly
Our range of phones for the elderly feature both corded and cordless, simple to use, devices with big buttons and easy to see panels. All of our phones have been selected to support elderly users who may be visually or hearing impaired. 
Features include
  • Simple to Use Non-Technical Phones
  • Big Button and Larger Screen
  • Amplified Sound of Ringer and Speaker
  • Backlit Keypads*
    *On selected models