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  1. Oticon Agil Pro
  2. oticon_dynamo-sp8
  3. Oticon chilli sp9
  4. Oticon Opn 3™ miniRITE
  5. Oticon Nera Pro
  6. Oticon Alta 2 Pro
  7. Oticon Intiga 10
  8. Oticon Opn 1™ miniRITE
  9. Oticon Ino pro
  10. Oticon Nera  Pro
  11. Oticon Acto

    Oticon Acto

  12. Oticon Ria2

    Oticon Ria2


1-12 of 28

Oticon Hearing Aids from £495

Oticon hearing aids provide high-performance hearing solutions. They manufacture a range of top devices, and at Hearing Direct, you will find a great selection of Oticon hearing aids. 

Which Oticon Hearing Aids Do We Dispense?

We stock the following models from Oticon:

When buying an Octicon hearing aid from us you receive the following:

  • Full hearing test and examination
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • Fitting and Programming
  • Fine-tuning and all aftercare
  • 60-day full money back guarantee

About Oticon

Oticon hearing aids and accessories provide high-performance hearing solutions. They manufacture a number of top devices, as well as the essential accessories you need to complement your digital hearing aids.

Shop the full Oticon range here.

Check Your Hearing For Free

Should you feel concerned about your hearing, take our online hearing test.

Our test only takes three minutes and results are instant. They will indicate if you need to take further action to protect your hearing. We always recommend that you visit your GP or consult an audiologist for a professional hearing screening.

Our own brand of affordable digital hearing aids can help you easily manage mild to moderate hearing loss.

Further Hearing Aid Resources

Our blog is home to valuable resources including product reviews and informative guides to help ensure you find a device that is right for you. For example:

What to Expect from Hearing Direct

We are dedicated to helping the hard of hearing enjoy the sounds they love. 

With free delivery when you spend £20 or more and a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can safely browse our website and order the items you need when you need them. 

Should you have any hearing aid queries or any other questions please get in touch and our expert team will do their best to advise you.