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Oticon Corda MiniFit 1.3 Power Tubing - 5 Tubes

Suitable For?

  • Vigo, Vigo Pro, Safran, Go Pro, Tego, Tego Pro, Syncro, Spirit 3, Spirit Zest, Spirit Zest Communicate / Spirit Zest Plus / Hit / Hit Pro / Ino / Ino Pro / Acto / Acto Pro / Agil / Agil Pro / Alta / Alta Pro.

How to work out what to order:

  • At the end of the tube that goes into the ear you will see a number. Printed in blue for the left ear, and red for the right ear. You may see number like this: 1.3 -1 or 1.3 0 or 1.3 1 or 1.3 2 or 1.3 3 or 1.3 4. Ignore the 1.3 part and look at the number that comes after it.

  • This number between -1 (minus 1) and 4 is the size you need to order.

More Information:

  • The 1.3 printed on the end of the tubing indicates the thickness of tube. If you see 0.9 instead of 1.3 you will need the standard bore tubing. Click here to view the 0.9 bore tubing.

  • Oticon also manufacture a ‘Corda 2’ tubing which has a different end design. Click here for the Corda 2 tubing.

  • Please be very careful to only use Oticon miniFIT domes with Oticon Corda miniFIT thin tubes.

About Oticon

Oticon hearing aids and accessories provide high-performance hearing solutions. They manufacture a number of top devices, as well as the essential accessories you need to complement your digital hearing aids.

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