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Hearing Aid Cleaning

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  1. Tubing Extractor
  2. Hearing Aid Brush With Magnet and Wax Loop
  3. Cedis Drying Capsules and Pot
  4. Phonak ‘C&C Line’ Drying Beaker
  5. PureClean Cleaning Spray
  6. Cedis Drying Pot
  7. Multi Bristle Vent Cleaner
  8. Phonak Drying Capsules
  9. Dry and Store Replacement Cartridges
  10. Cedis Disinfectant Single Wipes for Hearing Aids
  11. Tubing Threader And Extractor
  12. Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit 2

1-12 of 43

Why is Cleaning a Hearing Aid so important?

Cleaning a hearing aid is important to keep your device working at its best. Digital hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of technology and will last for many years given the right care and maintenance, even though they are constantly exposed to a naturally moist and humid environment. The excessive amounts of wax and sweat can lead to problems with their performance, interruption in the quality of sound or cause ear infections due to the growth of bacteria. Daily cleaning and inspection will keep the device in fully working order, clean from wax and any other accumulated debris, such as dead skin cells.

It is advisable to clean the hearing aid regularly according to the instructions in the manual and place it in a dry & store device during the night. The batteries should also be removed when the hearing aid is not used for a period of time. It is highly advisable to carry an additional set of fresh batteries with you.

Maintaining good ear hygiene is also of vital importance. You should protect your hearing aid from dirt, makeup, hairspray or other body care products. Not cleaning a hearing aid can result in blocked tubing, debris on the microphone or dirt in the battery compartment leaving lasting damage. The sounds the hearing aid produces can become scratchy, distorted or weak badly affecting the performance of the hearing aid. It is good to perform a yearly test on the device in order to check if it is functioning properly or needs repair or replacement.

How do you clean a Hearing Aid?

It is very important to clean the devices gently due to their size and fragile components. We supply specialist cleaning tools which are designed to clean places within the hearing aid that are hard to reach and yet leave the hearing aid parts unharmed. The Hearing Aid Brush With Magnet and Wax Loop, for example, helps you brush dirt away from the surface, remove batteries with the magnet and the loop helps with cleaning an in-the-ear hearing aid. Antibacterial cleaning wipes are also very important and the SmartWipe Hygienic Wipes Box of 25 are suitable for safe cleaning of sensitive devices.  

A cleaning wire is recommended for those hearing aids using thin tubes, and is threaded through the tubing to ensure the removal of wax or moisture. The Multi Bristle Vent Cleaner is perfect for cleaning the vents and crevices of the hearing aid.

If earmoulds are used, the earmould and tubing can be removed from the hearing aid and cleaned in warm water. An air puffer can then be used to ensure all moisture is cleared before the tubing is re-attached to the hearing aid.

Another good option is to purchase the Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit, which contains a carry and drying bag, cleaning tool set, cleaning stick, 2 drying capsules and 10 cleaning wipes.

Many hearing aid users have their device repaired at least once. One of the most common causes is moisture build up, causing the delicate components to corrode. Moisture that has gathered during the day can be easily removed by placing the hearing aids in a drying box overnight. The Cedis Drying Capsules and Pot Kit will not only safely eliminate the moisture, but also help dry out the built-up earwax and destroy hostile bacteria. The kit contains Cedis Drying Capsules for hearing aids, which can be ordered separately.

We have a range of Dry Box and Storage solutions to keep your hearing aids safe overnight and when you're busy with activities where they could get damaged.

Further information:

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