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HD 210 Digital Hearing Aid


HD 210 Digital Hearing Aid – Small Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid 

When it comes to small and discreet, it doesn’t get much better than the HD 210. This BTE is remarkably compact and unobtrusive, sitting comfortably behind the ear, complete with barely visible micro tubing. This is a hearing aid that offers all the necessary essentials without any unnecessary frills. Given the price, it most certainly is worth a closer look.

Why consider the HD 210 BTE? 

The HD210 is a competitively priced, entry-level hearing aid that offers a number of impressive technical enhancements. Features include noise reduction technology for a more comfortable listening experience, improved hearing in background noise and personalised volume control. Designed to be easy to use and comfortable to wear, the silicon dome helps achieve a blended, more natural sound whilst keeping the ear ‘open’.

Key Features: 

  • Discreet invisible design
  • Digital sound technology
  • Price includes a free packet of batteries
  • Adjustable volume control
  • 12 months full manufacturer’s warranty
  • No-quibble money back guarantee
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Low battery indicator
  • Background noise reduction

Why buy from Hearing Direct?  

We can save you money – with our competitive pricing. As an online business, we have far fewer overheads than those on the high street. As such, we can pass those savings on to our customers. 

Free advice from our team of qualified hearing aid audiologists – means that you can ask for guidance on performance or fitting related issues before purchasing a hearing aid.

Pre-programmed hearing aids are usually set up to reflect high-frequency hearing loss normally attributed to age. If you send us your audiogram to audiology@hearingdirect.com, we can personalise your device to match your hearing needs. 

A fast and reliable delivery service – means if you live in the UK and place an order today, either online or via our phone service, you could receive your hearing aid as early as tomorrow. 

A 30-day money back guarantee – enables you to buy with confidence. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return the device within 30 days and receive a full refund. 

What's included with your hearing aid?

If you have sent us your audiogram in advance the HD210 will be programmed with 4 volume settings based on your audiogram:

  • Setting 1 is set 2dB softer than the software’s recommendation for the audiogram to give a softer option on startup.
  • Setting 2 is as per audiogram recommendation.
  • Setting 3 is 2-3dB louder than setting 2.
  • Setting 4 is 2-3dB louder than setting 3.

If you do not have an audiogram; our default setting, suitable for a mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss is used to create the 4 settings. 

To summarise 

The HD 210 BTE is an entry-level behind-the-ear hearing aid with all the essential technology to create a balanced, more natural sound and a comfortable fit. 

Browse all of our available digital hearing aids here. 

Customer Reviews

  1. It is very discreet,compact and works a treat

    by Margaret Evans,Wales on 19/05/2016

    Firstly, let me say that Joan is extremely helpful and explains everything fully, this is the first hearing aid I've purchased as my hearing is deteriorating and I also suffer with tinnitus quite badly,I am so pleased with this model,it is very discreet,compact and works a treat,Thank you.
    Star Rating
  2. My husband can hear what I am saying

    by Maureen McNeilly on 19/05/2016

    I can't believe it! We have the HD210 hearing aid today, I am in bits! My husband can hear what I am saying for the first time in years without me shouting my head off! We are delighted with it and of course the speed with which our order was sent.
    Many, many thanks, I am just about to order spare tubes and batteries, as we live in Spain it takes a little longer for delivery, nothing to do with you of course.
    Star Rating
  3. Five stars all round

    by Roger W Kettleband on 19/05/2016

    Had the device for about a week,and can honestly say it has transformed my daily life. Can now hear all sounds on setting one just proves what sounds you lost over a period of time,such as traffic and conversation from people in your near vicinity.Found your staff most helpful on the telephone and their advice impartial
    and helpful. Product arrived on time,as did other accessories ordered. Would not hesitate in recommending product and staff, FIVE STARS ALL ROUND.
    Star Rating
  4. The recent order I received of my husbands hearing aid was fantastic

    by c asparassa on 19/05/2016

    The recent order I received of my husbands hearing aid was fantastic!!! I cant hear the tv now, ha ha, the volume is turned down a lot now!!! thank you very much, the order arrived on his birthday! so he was delighted. thanks again,
    Star Rating
  5. My new aid means a new life to me

    by Meg Brookes on 19/05/2016

    Delighted with my new hearing aid - rated 5

    I recently visited my daughter in the Uk and tried out her NHS hearing aid - which prompted me to upgrade my old analogue aid. The price of hearing aids in France at 1500 euros made the local route inaccessible to me.

    I received personal help from Hearing Direct UK - and the mid-range digital aid that I bought is exactly the same as the NHS one that I tried (that was valued at £1000.) my new aid means a new life to me as I am involved in lots of group activities from which I had been left somewhat on the outside of.

    It seems that people on TV are not mumbling after all!

    Delivery was as promised and the directions for use in good plain English.
    Thank you very much Hearing Direct.com. As soon as I can afford it I will be buying another aid for my left ear.
    Star Rating
  6. The hearing aid is excellent

    by garnet marriott on 19/05/2016

    The hearing aid is excellent - score 5 - only disadvantage is I sometimes catch the volume button with my spectacles.
    Star Rating
  7. Joan was spot on with the recommendation for the 210'

    by nick on 19/05/2016

    Having had a few pairs of big brand name cic's I decided to get myself some bte's for around the house. Partly because I wanted to hear everyone better and partly because I was sick of digging in my ears because they were itchy and full of wax. The online chat agent staff were always very friendly and helpful when I spoke with them and Joan was spot on with the recommendation for the 210's with my high frequency loss. The aids arrived quickly after placing the order. Honestly if i didn't actually tell people I had them on no one noticed, they are that small. I am reluctant to put my old hearing aids back in, these are so much more comfortable.
    Star Rating
  8. Thank you so much

    by Ken Smith on 19/05/2016

    Apart from having hearing difficulties I also suffer with tinnitus and over the years have come to accept my doctors opinions that there was nothing anyone could do about it, the issue of a hearing aid would only exacerbate the other problem and so I've had to sit listening to people commenting on the bird-song in my garden here in France. Last Saturday I received my hearing aids (HD210s), after reading the instructions I fitted the batteries and then the aids and went and stood in my garden and true to what my wife and daughters have said the bird-song is constant and because I can hear them the tinnitus becomes secondary as when I'm in my workshop I have Classic FM on at all times. The next test was to sit and watch tv., with it turned down to an acceptable level for everyone else, I found I could follow the plot without having to work out what they were speaking about, usually I would hear about 1 word in 4 and put it all together and have to ask my wife what she was laughing at because I was half a plot behind.
    A friend of mine recently bought a set of hearing aids and I was considering visiting England next year also to get some but decided to have a look ""on line"" and saw your advert and as they say the rest is history, except to say his cost him £1400.
    Thank you so much,
    Star Rating
  9. I found the service very quick

    by Jason Davies on 19/05/2016

    I am only a young guy and was wanting something quickly after being left with hearing problems after surviving bacterial meningitis.
    I did not have time to wait 4 months for the NHS as I work sales and I am attending University. I found the service very quick and the guy I spoke to was very honest and did not try and sell to me. I found the aid I bought to have been a great help in my work place and in. I only bought it till I get a specialist one from the NHS but I would recommend his company and the aid I bought.
    Star Rating
  10. Been wearing aids for fourteen years and these are far the best.

    by John Larvin on 19/05/2016

    My review, of the 210 hearing aids. Have to say, the aids and services, through Joan at hearing direct, were excellent, would give five stars, been wearing aids for fourteen years, and these are far, the best.
    Star Rating

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