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Amplified Mobile Phones

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  1. Doro Phone Mobile Phone Car Charger For Models 506-740
  2. Doro Phone HandlePlus Carry Case
  3. Doro Liberto 820 Extra Loud Smartphone
  4. Amplicomms PowerTel M7500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone
  5. Doro PhoneEasy 612 Extra Loud Amplified Mobile Phone
  6. Amplicomms PowerTel M6200 GSM Mobile Phone
  7. Amplicomms M6300

    Amplicomms PowerTel M6300 Mobile Phone

    Regular Price: £39.99

    Special Price £34.99

  8. Amplicomms PowerTel M4000 GSM Mobile Phone
  9. Amplicomms PowerTel M6000 Big Button Mobile Phone
  10. Amplicomms PowerTel M8000 Mobile Phone
  11. Doro PhoneEasy 610 Amplified Mobile Phone
  12. Doro Phone PhoneEasy 610 Carry Case

37-48 of 80

Amplified Mobile Phones provide valuable mobile telecommunications to support hard of hearing users on the go. We have a selection of amplified mobile phones from leading brands that are easy to use, spanning from extra loud mobiles to smart phones.

Our range of amplified mobile phones includes devices with extra loud receiver volume, efficient hearing aid compatibility, loud handset volume and Bluetooth connections for headsets, induction loops or in-car systems. We also provide a range of compatible SIM cards to meet your phone requirements.

Amplified mobile phones are easy to use and as technology grows so does our product catalogue. Check out the Doro Liberto 825, the extra loud smartphone is one of our top sellers!

We have this great tool to ease the decision making process as we know how important selecting the right mobile phone is.

Our models, made by the leading Global brands Geemarc, Doro and Amplicomms include a full manufacturer warranty of 24 months. We offer free shipping on all orders over £20 and you will be fully covered by our no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

Our amplified phones are of the highest quality and come from companies dedicated to the manufacturing of amplified products.