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Amplified Doorbells

11 Item(s)

  1. Doro Phone RingPlus Ringer Amplifier
  2. Geemarc Amplicall 5040
  3. Amplicomms Ringflash 100 Phone Call Ring Amplifier
  4. Geemarc AmpliCALL16 Door Bell Ring Indicator
  5. Geemarc AmpliCALL20 Doorbell and Telephone Ring Indicator
  6. Geemarc CL2 Door Bell and Telephone Alert
  7. Amplicomms RFS 01 Adaptor
  8. Amplicomms Ringflash 250 Phone Call and Doorbell Ring Amplifier
  9. Amplicomms Ringflash 200 Phone Call and Doorbell Ring Amplifier
  10. Geemarc AmpliCALL1 Doorbell
  11. Sarabec PhonePlus Telephone Amplifier

11 Item(s)

Doorbells For Hard Of Hearing

Doorbells for deaf and hard of hearing deliver far louder ringer sounds than generic wireless doorbells. Sound amplification devices are designed with hearing loss in mind, with the main purpose to provide sounds at a greater volume without compromising on clarity. Some doorbells even come with added sensory cues such as flashing lights and extra alerts so you do not miss the postman, milkman, friends or family at the door. 

Which Brands Of Loud Doorbell Do We Dispense?

At Hearing Direct, we only supply branded goods from manufacturers that are reliable and trusted. We are delighted to be able to offer wireless doorbells from leading brands such as:

To complement cordless doorbells, our web store also provides loud alarm clocks and amplified phones to further enhance sounds around the home. 

Can You Hear The Doorbell Ring?

If you cannot hear your doorbell's ringer, it may also be time to check your hearing. A quick check will be able to highlight potential signs of hearing loss. Our online hearing test is free, only takes a few minutes and you will receive your results instantly. Results may indicate if you should take action to protect your hearing. Furthermore, should you have concerns, we strongly advise you consult your GP for a professional assessment.

What To Expect From Hearing Direct

We are very much dedicated to improving the quality of life of the hard of hearing. Alongside our affordable hearing aids range, you will also find amplified essentials to make each day smoother and more efficient. In addition, you can expect a 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month manufacturer warranty, and free shipping on qualifying orders.