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Amplified Doorbells

11 Item(s)

  1. Geemarc AmpliCALL16 Door Bell Ring Indicator
  2. Geemarc AmpliCALL20 Doorbell and Telephone Ring Indicator
  3. Sarabec PhonePlus Telephone Amplifier
  4. Doro Phone RingPlus Ringer Amplifier
  5. Geemarc AmpliCALL1 Doorbell
  6. Geemarc CL2 Door Bell and Telephone Alert
  7. Amplicomms Ringflash 100 Phone Call Ring Amplifier
  8. Amplicomms Ringflash 200 Phone Call and Doorbell Ring Amplifier
  9. Amplicomms Ringflash 250 Phone Call and Doorbell Ring Amplifier
  10. Amplicomms RFS 01 Adaptor
  11. Geemarc Amplicall 5040

11 Item(s)

Hard of hearing doorbells include sound amplification devices and alarms. Sound amplification devices are designed to amplify the sound of telephones and door bells by providing a visual stimulation in the shape of flashing lights together with enhancing existing sounds. Alerting devices can also be set to pick up on Smoke Alarms and other devices around the home.

Our products, which are made by the leading Global brands Geemarc and Amplicom include a full manufacturer warranty of 12 months, they will be delivered directly to your door and covered by our no quibble 30 day money back guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied.