What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like

Many hearing loss sufferers complain about a lack of empathy from those with normal hearing in understanding how hearing loss affects them. Not all sound is affected in the same way. Spoken word may be easier or more difficult to hear than music. To provide a broader understanding, below are samples of music and speech, altered to show what could be missed through typical age-related hearing loss. Click the tabs below to hear each of the samples. NB. Please note this is designed for use by those without hearing loss.

Normal Hearing (No Hearing Loss)

This sample is the original musical recording. Listen to this one first - it will allow you to better gauge the differences between it and the following recording.

Note the line that represents what you can hear is near flat from left to right. This indicates that the sound is being heard evenly throughout the entire spectrum. This would be the ideal scenario.

Simulated Mild to Moderate High Frequency Hearing Loss

Cet extrait est l'enregistrement musical original. Écoutez-le en premier, il vous permettra de mieux juger les différences entre cet extrait et l'enregistrement suivant.

La ligne représentant ce que vous pouvez entendre est presque plate de gauche à droite. Cela montre que l'on entend le son de manière régulière, sur tout le spectre auditif. Ceci représente le scénario idéal.

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