Moldex Contours Small Earplugs



What Is It?

  • One pair of disposable earplugs with high noise reduction rating
  • Made of soft, slow recovery foam which is PVC free
  • Small size

What Does It Do?

  • Reduces noise entering the ear
  • A contoured shape moulds easily to the ear canal for excellent comfort
  • Gives a secure fit for all-day wear
  • High SNR rating of 35dB (H34 M33 L28)

How Do I Use It?

  • Make sure hands and ear opening are clean and dry
  • Roll the plug between the finger and thumb to compress them for insertion
  • If fitting the plug on the right ear reach above the head with the left arm hand to pull the right ear gently upwards
  • Slide the plug into the ear canal with your right hand and hold in place for 5 seconds to let the plug expand and fill the ear
  • Not recommended for more than a single use

Because the Moldex Contours are designed for single use only; you may wish to purchase in bulk – we have 20 pairs, 100 pairs or 200 pairs options available on the website.