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At HearingDirect, we want to make sure that the hearing aid you choose is right. That's why we have put together a chart of our most popular products to help you Compare Hearing Aids and decide which one is right for you.
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Hearing aids are the key to improved hearing and can provide a better quality of life for those with hearing loss. We are one of the world's leading industry experts on hearing aids and we have plenty of helpful devices available in the US. 

We stock a wide range of digital hearing aids, featuring our very own brand of HearingDirect devices. Our hearing aid collection has been designed with price in mind and we have created a set of affordable hearing aids. Our selection of over the counter hearing aids starts from as low as $249 and we also have a specialist section of invisible hearing aids, designed for ultimate discretion. 

Hearing aids are a popular way of managing sensorineural hearing loss, one of the most common types of hearing impairment where the loss of hearing is permanent. If you have any concern for your hearing, try our free online hearing test, which will indicate whether or not you need to take further action. 

We also provide a variety of products to support your digital device. We offer a vast selection of hearing aid batteries from a range of trusted brands in a range of sizes, as well as hearing aid accessories such as domes, tubes, wax guards and more. 

We have expertly created a fine selection of valuable resources, including informative guides and reviews. Our blog is a great source for those seeking answers, wishing to know more or looking to solve a hearing-related query. Examples include our guide to different types of hearing loss and 5 reasons to why you may have muffled hearing

Buying a hearing aid online couldn't be easier. There is no need for a medical referral or prescription. Simply select the hearing aid you want, place the order, and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. Our aids come with a full manufacturer warranty of 24 months, free standard shipping on all orders across the US, and you will be fully covered by our 30-day money back guarantee.

If you have any questions regarding our hearing aids, please do contact us and our expert team will do their best to help you.