Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries remove the worry of your hearing aids running out of power and having to re-stock. Rechargeable hearing aid batteries come in size 10, size 13 and size 312, replacing the need to use conventional hearing aid batteries.

Suitable for many hearing aid types, each pack of rechargeable hearing aid batteries comes with two cells, are mercury free, environmentally friendly, and can be recharged within two hours. During its lifecycle, each rechargeable hearing aid battery has the potential to replace up to 57 standard hearing aid batteries.

Power One are currently the only manufacturer in the world to provide every size of rechargeable hearing aid battery. Don’t forget the Power One pocket charger, you’ll need it to keep the batteries fully charged!

Not every hearing aid is suitable for rechargeable batteries due to a too high an energy consumption. Please do contact us if you are unsure if your hearing is compatible.