Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries are Hearing Direct’s recommended "best battery buy". Rayovac specialise in hearing aid batteries and are one of the world’s leading retailers of hearing aid batteries.

Rayovac hearing aid batteries are by far the most popular brand that we dispense, as thousands of our customers recognize their great value for money and consistency. Rayovac has a strong reputation for reliability and works superbly in both in the canal and behind the ear hearing aids.

There are many performance benefits for powering your hearing aid using Rayovac batteries. The brand prides itself on using digital imaging and 104 quality checks to test every battery so you get a powerful consistent battery every time you buy Rayovac.

Rayovac batteries consist of advance power of up to 17% greater than normal batteries, long shelf-life of up to 4 years, so you can stock up on batteries without fear of them running out of charge.

We hold these batteries in stock and always try to dispatch orders on either the day you place them or the day after, so Rayovac hearing aid batteries will be delivered directly to you as quickly as possible.