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HD 100 Digital Hearing Aid

£169.00 – £338.00
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Rating: 5 (4.42)

HD 100 User Guide
6th May, 2011   975KB
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    1. Posted by William MC DINES on 1/3/2015

      5 of 5

      Purchased an HD100 , came without the feedback shroud. HD sent one out first class post and fitted it and it now works fine. I have mild upper register hearing loss, now when the dog barks it sounds very loud. I had the NHS behind the ear type and i have done a test with both and i have to say the HD100 is superior. Still feedback on the phone,but overall very pleased,discreet to wear and comfortable,all at an unbelievable price.

    2. Posted by marc sacher on 2/9/2014

      1 of 5

      unfortunately this product didn't work for me as I need a programmable hearing aid with volume control but it's very small and confortable and will probably work for most people with average hearing loss. the customer service however was fantastic. As soon as I phoned to let them know the product wasn't working the lady I spoke to explained the procedure to return the item and gave me the contact of their audiologist to get a free hearing test to help me buy one of their other models. My money was refunded to me the day they received my returned product. I would definitely recommend this company but was unlucky with product.

    3. Posted by L Sheridan on 31/8/2014

      5 of 5

      I have a moderate hearing loss. To be frank when I ordered my HD100 I was doubtful that it would be much use. Can you really buy a good hearing aid for £169? I thought not. But to my delight I was proved wrong because the HD100 performs just as well as my cumbersome NHS behind the ear aids. It is easier to insert, more discrete and once in place you forget it is there. I wore it to a meeting yesterday and I could hear what people were saying at the back of the room. That said, the lid which has to be flicked open to insert the battery is delicate and must be handled gently and you need to take care that you do not drop the aid on the floor because due to its smallness, it can easily roll away and be lost and it might not be suitable for anyone with limited dexterity in their fingers. Other than that, it is brilliant and I shall shortly be purchasing another one for my left ear.

    4. Posted by Melanie Lewis on 2/4/2014

      5 of 5

      Our Hearing Aid Audiologist's view:

      The question that I get asked most often is “What is the difference between the HD85 and the HD100?” which is completely understandable as they do appear to be quite similar.

      The HD100 has two fundamental differences to the HD85; improved feedback cancellation (to circumvent the whistling noise you can hear from poorly fitted aids) and improved fitting retention. If you look at the images of the two products you will see that the HD85’s stem is quite straight whereas the HD100 has a slight curvature in the shell design. In the vast majority of ears this curved shape provides a better fit, replicating the natural curve and orientation of the ear canal and fundamentally, helping to prevent potential displacement.

      So two fundamental differences and two fundamental benefits: Improved retention, less feedback. and because it can sit deeper in the canal the HD100 is often more comfortable as well as being more cosmetic. So in summary, my review of the HD100 is that if you are considering an aid to assist your hearing loss, possibly for the first time, then it has some creditable features that can really help.

    5. Posted by Nadia Blackman on 18/10/2013

      4 of 5

      Received my hearing aid today and I am very pleased. At first I was experiencing feedback until I added the sleeve which made it a lot better. It will take some getting used to but for the first time in twenty years I can hear almost like I did before my hearing loss. I would recommend this product to a friend or anyone else experiencing mild hearing loss. Great value for money. Would purchase from hearing direct again.

    6. Posted by Michelle Taylor on 1/5/2013

      5 of 5

      Wow!!! I am so pleased with my new hearing aid!!! I received it very quickly and I am totally amazed at how well I can hear now!!! Amazed at the sounds I can now hear! I think this is going to transform my life!! For years I have stag glued to hear conversations and forever asking people to repeat themselves! I wish I had got one sooner if I'd known how much it was going to improve my hearing!!! Thank you so much !!! Totally delighted with it!!!! Totally recommend it to anyone who struggles with hearing loss! It's so great to be able to hear again!! No more emmbarrassing moments again!!! 5 BIG FAT STARS!!

    7. Posted by Keith Edwards on 29/7/2012

      5 of 5

      Having struggled for over 10 years with a specially made unit (mould of ear canal etc.) by NHS/BUPA, I did some research & found this little beauty. What a difference! Sound balance perfect, no fiddling about with volume control (which kept going wrong on the last one) and this one's even smaller. I'm delighted!

    8. Posted by D Easton on 8/3/2012

      5 of 5

      It is now nine months since I purchased my HD100, and it must be among the best buys I have ever made. Thank you for improving my quality of life- while, as you say in your no-nonsense 'guide', it is not a cure for hearing loss, it must be the next best thing! I now have more confidence, especially in meetings- and the device is totally invisible until I show people where to look! And all that for a fraction of the high street price.

    9. Posted by Carbery Merriman on 6/3/2012

      3 of 5

      This is the first time for me to use a hearing aid so it is difficult to give it a rating as I can't compare it to other hearing aids. However I am reasonably satisfied with the HD100 aid. I will give it a rating of 3. Intermittant whistling sounds come through and I have to frequently reposition the aid in my ear.

    10. Posted by Anthony Bennett on 7/2/2012

      5 of 5

      The Order was delivered the very next day - excellent. On using the hearing aid for the first time, I experienced a little feedback which was resolved by using the latex insert which was provided. Initially the difference is incredible, having suffered hearing loss for so long one gets to the point of believing ANY improvement is acceptable. Over the first few weeks comes the realisation that no hearing aid on the market can restore hearing to the level one once enjoyed naturally. All in all, the benefits are worth the investment. There is no greater praise than that, so I award a ""5""

    11. Posted by D Gibson on 21/9/2011

      3 of 5

      Pleased at first with the HD100's I purchased, did unfortunately have to return the twice as they only lasted about 2 months before ceasing to operate the 3rd pair ceased to function this last week. I have spoken to Joan who has been very helpful but I had already purchased a single HD375 just to see if this performs better

    12. Posted by A Robinson on 12/9/2011

      5 of 5

      Thank you for my H100. Maybe like most people when purchasing something of this nature for the first time, I was probably a bit sceptic. But now, not so. My improved hearing really is believing. So far, so good. It really does work a treat. Thank you all so much.

    13. Posted by Linda Jones on 15/6/2011

      5 of 5

      Fits into ear perfectly. Works perfectly, much better than anticipated and then some! Very lightweight. Only critisims is when using hte phone, as there is no volumne control I get feedback. Now this is my first hearing aid so I am not sure if that is normal for phones and hearing aids anyway.I'm still at the stage of wonderment that I can hear proper sounds again and not muted versions. I can have a conversation without say what every 5 seconds and I don't have to look at the person to hear them (trust me on that one!). I am so grateful for this company to manufacture and sell such a quality product and at such a brilliant price.

    14. Posted by Peter Clark on 8/5/2011

      4 of 5

      My wife was complaining about the television being too loud for her ears when we were both watching, so I looked for info about small hearing aids on the web. For price and finish this HD100 took some beating and the no quibble trial period clinched it for me. I could hear at work. I could not make out words among other noises before. Joan was extremely helpful whenever I had a query. What a change to deal with a company that has consideration for its customers.

    15. Posted by Alicia on 11/4/2011

      5 of 5

      I have now bought the HD100 and HD200. I cannot tell you what a difference both have made to my hearing. Also not having to wear a behind the ear aid is a fantastic feeling. I have to say a million thanks to Joan at Hearing Direct who has always been so helpful,gives excellent advice and keeps me informed. Thank you Joan to you and Hearing Direct. I am so much happier now.

    16. Posted by DT on 4/4/2011

      5 of 5

      Hi Joan, I am already very pleased indeed with the Aid. I suffer none of the shortcomings, inconvenience and embarrassment experienced with others I have tried. There is no problem with percussion sounds, no feedback whistle, close proximity dog barking gives no discomfort and I can easily hear everything my ""Instructor"" says.The amplification level is just right! I now enjoy considerably enhanced quality of life due to the frustration associated with deafness being eliminated.

    17. Posted by F Grey on 15/3/2011

      4 of 5

      For the reduced price, this is an excellent buy, I have had mine for a week ,I purchased TWO, and would recommend them to anyone looking for an aid at a fantastic price in relation to otherswhich are much more expensive.

    18. Posted by Ken Bandy on 9/12/2010

      5 of 5

      I had an NHS Hearing Aid which had 3 settings-general, focused and induction loop. It also had a volume control. This little beauty has none of those things but gives much better results. Into the bargain it is scarcely noticeable and with nothing behind my ear I can wear my spectables in comfort. This is REAL value for money.

    19. Posted by Lawwrence Fallows on 29/9/2010

      5 of 5

      I bought this product recently, i could not believe the price. I paid £850.00 for a simular one 5 years ago. I can now hear the tv,without annoying any one else in the room. I can also hear a few people talking at the same time and i am able to hear what they are all saying. This product is a bargain,it shows me how i have been paying far to much at the high street shops.

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    Widex Real
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    Battery life (est. hours)8080 (estimate)185
    Battery size1010312
    Noise reductionEnabled on this productEnabled on this productEnabled on this product
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    High frequency focusEnabled on this productEnabled on this productEnabled on this product
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