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Hearing Check

Our FREE Hearing Check uses a range of tones played at varying levels and you will be asked to press a button whenever you hear a tone.

At the end of your simple FREE check we will send you a link to an audiogram-like graph which presents your results.

Start the hearing check now


Make sure your sound is turned on

Please note that the HearingCheck is not a diagnostic test and does not cover all aspects of hearing. The HearingCheck should not replace regular audiometric testing provided by a registered hearing aid dispenser or through your GP. Your GP will be able to refer you appropriately if you would like a full audiological assessment if you suspect that you have a hearing impairment. The HearingCheck has not been designed for use by children. Children should always be seen by a GP and referred for full diagnostic testing if there is any concern over their hearing. The aim of this Hearing Check is to help identify people who think they may have a hearing loss and encourage them to take action. The results of the HearingCheck cannot be regarded as clinical data.