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Geemarc CL4 Hook



Telecoil adaptor for entertainment devices with single earhook & ear piece Listen to entertainment devices (MP3 players/ipods/PCs/laptops) via the CL4 to allow for listening via the telecoil on a hearing aid and a standard earpiece for the other ear with no hearing aid.

The slim-line hook part sits on the ear with the hearing aid, while the standard earpiece can be put into the unaided ear for stereo listening.

  • 3.5 mm plug stereo
  • Ideal for users who only wear one hearing aid with a telecoil
  • Very light weight
  • Lapel/pocket clip
  • Volume control
Geemarc CL4 Hook User Guide
13th April, 2013 1MB
Vat Relief Declaration
13th April, 2013 45KB