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Phonak are a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer and are part of the Sonova group, which also owns the Unitron brand of hearing aids. The business can trace its history back over 60 years in various guises and recent years have been marked with strong growth to make Phonak one of the world’s foremost manufacturers. While they have expanded distribution with deals such as the one in UK which saw them acquire Boots Hearing Care, their success has also been based upon world-leading technology.

In 2006 Phonak launched its charitable foundation “Hear The World” which is intended to raise awareness of hearing loss and the importance of hearing. It is particularly focussed on children’s hearing, helping many thousands around the world to develop alongside their peers. Hear The World is supported by an impressive list of celebrities and has done much to raise the profile of hearing loss since its foundation.

A few years ago, Phonak may have been classified as technology leaders only in the niche world of children’s hearing and educational systems, they have considerably broadened their horizons and can now claim excellence across the board.

With a presence in over 100 countries Phonak is a true global company. In the UK they are based in Warrington, Cheshire.
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