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Oticon is one of the Danish hearing aid manufacturers and is part of the William Demant Foundation which also includes a secondary hearing aid manufacturer in Bernafon. A number of the big hearing aid manufacturers have a secondary or even tertiary brand as it maximises their efficiency particularly with their Research & Development costs as they share technology platforms across their brand divisions.

Oticon has subsidiaries in 22 countries and distributors in a further 80. In the UK they are based in Hamilton in Scotland and are well known as a leading supplier of hearing aids to the NHS. In addition to the NHS they are also active on the high street as they own one of the UK’s biggest hearing aid retailers, Hidden Hearing. Hidden Hearing may offer other brands but the bulk of their business is understandably based on Oticon’s hearing aids. They tend to be high technology and high price.

Oticon has a long history stretching back over 100 years with many notable milestones. Probably their finest hour was the introduction of the Digifocus hearing aid in 1996 which it claims as the world’s first fully digital hearing aid. Oticon has kept up with the technology race and now supplies some of the finest high technology hearing aids available.