Hearing Check

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Online Hearing Check.

We are currently working on a new and improved version of the hearing test to provide you with an even more detailed insight into your hearing health, so this service is currently offline while this update is carried out (we thank you for your patience).

Your hearing health matters deeply to us and the hearing test is a valuable source to check your hearing. So in the meantime we would still very much love to help you out and assist as much as and where possible. Why not check out our hearing aids whilst we swiftly carry out this update.

If you’re worried about your own hearing, the hearing of a family member or even a friend, please do consider having a full hearing test done via the NHS (ask your GP for a referral) if you haven’t done so already; or with a local hearing aid dispenser. We will have our hearing check up and running in no time!

Whilst we tweak and perfect the new hearing check, you can still discover some key background information into online hearing tests here.

If you already have an audiogram and you have questions about it, then please do get in touch on email: audiology@hearingdirect.com and we will do our very best to get back to you. We’d love to help!

In the meantime, we recommend that you view some of our top tips for looking after your hearing and they’re are available here.

Should you have a diagnosed hearing loss, our direct purchase hearing aids are primarily suited for mild to moderate, mainly high frequency hearing losses and are ever so simple to use. We also stock an expansive range of associated hearing products, such as hearing aid accessories, including batteries and wax guards.

We have a wonderful team of qualified hearing aid audiologists who would be delighted to answer any queries you have regarding any hearing related questions on 0800 032 1301.

Did you know that certain career choices could create a more serious threat to your hearing health and some of the more riskier professions are listed here.

We thank you for your patience whilst we finishing constructing and finalising our online hearing check.